ExtenZe Review – What Users Are Saying About This Product?

Men, like women, face a lot of medical issues. However, some of these problems are treated as embarrassing matters which further increases the difficulties faced by the sufferers. One of the most common problems is short-lived sex lives or reduced sex drive or even lack of satisfaction due to smaller penis size. 

There are probably millions of enhancement supplements out there which will get you confused as in which one is best and which to try. This is where ExtenZe comes in. It is a dietary supplement that is known to boost up the sex life of all those stressed out males by providing them with stronger and long-lasting erections. It is also known to boost endurance thereby increasing the girth and length of your penis.

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Since this is a dietary supplement that is taken by the body and since it can meddle with a lot of things inside your body it is very important to know all about it. In this ExtenZe review, we are going to deal with this subject and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this product.

What is it?

In this Extenze review, we shall first discuss what this supplement is. ExtenZe is a product which is a herbal medicine that is a supplement and has a completely natural and unique blend that claims that it can enhance the male reproductive part or easy it is a medicine which states that it can enlarge the penis. 

According to the official website, it states that it can give males a sexual experience that is fully enhanced and like never before. It also claims that it can give them prolonged and enlarged erections along with boosted stamina and improved libido. The advertisements and commercials state that it can give the user an “arousing” or “improved” experience while having sex. 

The online sites that sell this product also state a few extra perks of this medicine which states that it is one of the best products to enlarge the penis. These increases in size are all for a limited period of time when you are using the medicine ExtenZe. 

A lot of adult movie actors have been cast and been in the advertisements of this particular product, one of the famous adult movie performers Ron Jeremy. According to this ExtenZe review, the Miami Hurricanes’ main head coach and ex-Dallas Cowboys have also been in the advertisements of this supplement. 

The famous supplement for penis enlargement is sold at over 75,000 shops and medical stores as 2-ounce shots and also in the form of pills. It does claim to be very promising and looks like a great and natural method to enhance your penis without having to go under the knife and deal with all those painful procedures such as pumps or medical extenders.

Ingredients Used in Extenze Supplement

Everyone just wants quick results without wanting to learn or be lectured about the ingredients that are in the product that they have been using or going to use. But for those who want to know what ExtenZe uses inside their products, this ExtenZe review lists the ingredients that are actually present in the ExtenZe supplement. 

The list gives you the detailed information of each ingredient to help you understand the needs and use of each of the ingredients. The company states that it only uses natural ingredients in this product.

  • Yohimbe Bark Extract: This is an extract that is more commonly known as the PausinytstaliaYohimbe extract. This is an element that is known for its qualities to increase the libido, time of ejaculations and sex drive of the user. This works best when it is combined with another ingredient that is L-Arginine which is believed to be very useful for the males suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • L-Arginine: Only a few of the enlargement and enhancement products for the male reproductive part include this very useful ingredient which is a very crucial amino acid. It is added to these products as it is the best extract to fight with the condition of erectile dysfunction. So, it should be a must-have for the products that want to perform like the ExtenZe. This not only helps with erectile dysfunction but also improves the circulation and flow of the blood. This also helps to increase your sperm count and motility according to Extenze review.
  • Horny Goat Weed: The name of the product might have given you a hint of how and what its use is in the supplement. His extract can help the user to increase their sex drive and transfer nitric acid to your penis which in turn relaxes the tissues that are present in the penis and hence allows the penis to grow larger and also helps to get a long-lasting erection.
  • Zinc: This is another component that one can find very commonly on these types of supplements very easily. Zinc is the best-known extract to fight erectile dysfunction symptoms and also to correct it for the people who are suffering from it. As per this ExtenZe review, it also keeps in check the early ejaculations and general competency. This helps the body to create more of the sex having enzymes in our body like the prolactin, testosterone, etc. with all this it is a must to add zinc in these types of supplements.
  • Pregnenolone: This is a chemical that is already present in our body but we barely know about it. This chemical is basically a very crucial component for having good stamina and also to have sufficient energy while performing sex. This is also a great chemical that helps the body to generate and make the steroid hormones that are very much responsible for the desire and long-lasting effect on the bed.

Side effects of Extenze

As every product has a bad side and a good side, the supplement that we are talking about also has some side effects. Let’s discuss the side effects in this section of ExtenZe review:

  • The problem in sleeping is one of the most general issues that has been recorded in the people who have been using this supplement. If anyone is using it on a daily basis or has been using it for a long period of time it is seen that either they have a problem falling asleep or else they don’t tend to sleep for hours and their sleep is for a very short period of time. This can also lead to many other side effects like the user maybe be easily irritated, finds it hard to concentrate, loss of memory, not feeling hungry. The user may also get sleepy at very odd times like reading or watching TV etc.
  • This supplement can also affect the heart of the user and that is why it is considered to be very dangerous too. This supplement makes the heart work at an unnatural pace and that may affect the heart as it flows the blood into the penis with force and more quantity but also damages the condition of the heart. The people who have been using it for a very long period of time might have an abnormal heartbeat and this could lead to stroke and is very bad for people who have high blood pressure.
  • Many of the other users of the supplement have also reported that after using this they had a problem in breathing. They have also experienced dizziness, lightheadedness and some even faint.
  • Many people have also complained that the user gets irritated a bit easier and always behaves in a rash and harsh way. This might be the cognitive impairment that affects the users. The user may also get anxious all of a sudden and also angry with a few seconds.
  • One of the easy to detect side effects is the allergies that are starting to grow on the body of the user. The initial symptoms of the allergies are swelling of the mouth; face also starts to swell and the user faces difficulty while breathing. Some of the users may also have a problem eating solid food and feel a slight pain in the chest area.

How to use Extenze?

The developer and tested doctors of the supplement suggest that the user should take one pill in one day and continue to do this for approximately 6-8 weeks if the user wants to get the best result possible after using this product. 

According to ExtenZe review, the best time to take the pill is just before having your breakfast. You should always have it with water and no other liquid. You can also take the pill before sex but keep in mind to do it at least 3-4 hours earlier than having sex which will you the extra stamina and energy that you wanted. As the supplement is designed in such a way that it will work on you slowly and when you take the pill in the morning it will be easy sufficient to get you through all day as well as at the night time.

Does it really work?

This section of the ExtenZe review will answer all your questions regarding ExtenZe’s impact. Still, now there has been no clear proof that ExtenZe is in any way harmful or dangerous if the user follows the doctor’s advice and the correct procedures to use the supplement. But it would not be advised to the people who are already in performing a meditation which maybe gets hampered and might cause any type of side effects. 

These mixing up to ingredients of the other medication can lead to serious caution and might also be very deadly for the user. If you want to use this supplement even with ongoing medications you need to consult your doctor. 

However, there are a lot of happy customers also who just love this product. They say that after using this supplement their sex life has completely changed and they also claim that all these facts that the company is saying and advertising are all true. Many elderly couples have also come forward to support the product saying that it helps them to have a great time in the bed at night and make them feel young once again. There are many more sites that sell this product and by the increase in demand and popularity, it might be doing some good to the users that are why people love ExtenZe. 

Several studies have shown that the pill might take at least 6-8 weeks to show full-fledged results. However, it should be noted that every male body is different and so the expected results from the products are going to be different for everybody. It is not a magical pill and people should be aware that it is not going to give results overnight.

Pricing of Extenze

Like all Extenze review articles, this review shall also provide you all about the cost of the supplement. The ExtenZe supplement comes in a bottle that contains 30 tablets, which means if you buy one bottle you can use it for a month. One bottle of this supplement will cost $ 59. So if you want to know the cost of each tablet it will be $ 1.96. On the other hand, if you go on and buy two bottles than the price that you need to pay will be $ 109.95, which means that the cost of each tablet will drop down to $ 1.83.


In conclusion, this ExtenZe review has to say it is a good supplement and has very less no. of side effects cases if it is used correctly and on a timely schedule.

All the ingredients that they use to make this product are one hundred percent natural and herbal and you can also read about all the benefits of the ingredients and usage of the ingredients in the supplement.

Through this ExtenZe review, we came to know that this product has a good reputation among its users and is now a well know and wanted brand in this area of pills. This is easy to buy as it is sold by both the shops and as well as the sites online and is easily acquired without any hassle and problems.

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