Andro 400 Review – Uses, Side Effects, and Ingredients Used

The levels of testosterone can really have a huge impact on the lives of men. These levels can either be high or low. For males who have high testosterone levels have there own problems to deal with while men whose testosterone levels are low are known to have reduced sex drive and it can often impact their sexual performances as well.

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They also have a problem with a bloated belly and increased belly and body fat. This can really be an embarrassing problem to deal with especially if you are married and finding the right way out is not always easy.

Andro 400 Review – Uses, Side Effects, and Ingredients

Of course, you can do some lifestyle changes but this is always not enough and this is where Andro 400 comes in which according to Andro 400 review is a great source to boost testosterone. in this article, we are going to deal with everything you need to know about Andro 400.

What is Andro 400?

This Andro 400 review article shall first describe what this product is. Andro 400 is a testosterone booster and it is made of all-natural products that are formulated to burn fats and provide energy for daily exercises and also sexual activities. Most men suffer testosterone loos as a result of aging and this supplement can counterbalance their hormonal problems in a natural, healthy and very effective way. 

This supplement is a time tested and highly researched supplement. It contains something known as Tongkat Ali acts as the main ingredient in this supplement. It is a flowering plant that is native to Thailand, India, and Indonesia. This plant often stores its power in all its roots and these roots are harvested in order to extract the power to make the supplement. The effect of this plant to produce testosterone in the body has been clinically proven. 

According to this Andro 400 review, this product is a male dietary supplement and it is used to boost testosterone production in the male body to improve sexuality and help in the development of lean muscles. This product also claims to have effects on boosting endurance in men a well.

This supplement is made of all-natural sources and hence, it is free from any chemicals, fragrance and artificial flavors. Andro 400 is a natural replacement for artificial and synthetic testosterone. Since this product works so well in boosting testosterone it apparently helps in reducing belly and body fat as well. It further boosts energy and sustains available and free testosterone at high levels. 

It is available in the form of a capsule and it is known to boost libido as well. This product also helps in the growth of muscles and also retains bone density. It is a great option for men who have low levels of testosterone due to their increasing age according to Andro 400 review.

Andro 400 dates back in history to about the year 2004. A company named Natural Health Concepts decided to take an attempt in creating an alternative that is healthy for the often illegal and risky counterparts of testosterone booster. This Andro 400 review clearly states that this product is meant to be legal and is, of course, not comprised of actual testosterone. 

In order to get this supplement, you need to get a doctor’s prescription. This natural herb is meant to adjust the body to produce testosterone naturally and from within. This product can be used by both men and women as it acts as a fundamental unit for the built of both men and women.

Ingredients Used in Andro 400

The composition of a compound either breaks or seals the deal. This the same with Andro 400 also. Since it is a testosterone booster and it going to meddle with all your hormonal balances it needs to include safe and healthy ingredients. 

As per this Andro 400 review, each Andro 400 capsule comprises of around 0.0053 oz of Tongkat Ali that is known to increase fertility and boost sex drive. It is also known to provide relief from pain, improve virility, increase energy, endurance, and stamina, and also speed up the process of healing. It also contains amino acids such as l-arginine and l-citrulline which boosts the nutrient intake in the body and also promotes blood flow. 

Apart from this, there is also rice flour and gelatin which are used in very small quantities just to bind together the capsules as per the sources of Andro 400 review. The amino acids eliminate fatigue which increases the duration of sexual activities and other exercises.

Side Effects of Andro 400

No product is safe to use for a long period of time and like many other medical products, Andro 400 has some possible side effects as well. Just because it is all-natural it does not mean that you can take this supplement as much as you like without experiencing any possible side effects. 

According to Andro 400 review, this product is known to boost testosterone, energy and is meant to make you healthier and fitter. But an increased dosage of this can increase the levels of estrogen in the body which is a female hormone and your body will start showing all female characteristics like having male boobs, hair loss, etc. 

Some customers claim to have feelings of headache while others say that they experience upsetting to the stomach. These conditions are however normal as it is the body’s way of adjusting to something new that is being fed to it. 

It is also known to increase body heat which is again a temporary problem and can be solved by drinking an adequate amount of water. Some people also experience terrible insomnia which can be avoided if taken better care of. People also experience irritability which is genuine because there is something different happening inside the body. However, increased testosterone can also lead to bitter taste which again marks the genuineness of the product. 

This Andro 400 review suggests that the major concern with Andro 400 is that it is not safe to use for a very long period of time. Its long-term use can be dangerous to kidney and liver functions. It can also reduce sperm production and men can also experience some changes in behavioral and physical self as well. It can often cause prostate issues which are again a major concern among aging men apart from all the severe health problems. It may also cause erectile dysfunction other than poisoning the liver adversely.

How To Use Andro 400?

As already explained in this Andro 400 review, we know that Andro 400 is available in a capsule form and it should be taken as directed by the dietician. It comes in a bottle that contains 60 capsules. However, the dosage of this supplement depends on several factors which include the health, age and other conditions of the user. 

Since it is made of natural ingredients it does not mean that it is totally safe. One should stick to what the dietician has recommended which is usually two pills a day. Anything more than this can have adverse side effects. 

The supplement can be taken by both men and women, especially those who are of 20-30 years. The results, however, vary from person to person but you should start seeing visible results by 2-3 weeks. In order to get optimum results, you might as well want to cut out on sugar as much as you can.

Does it really work?

People don’t magically produce testosterone as and when demanded. It has a specific process and let’s just say it all begins in the head. The gland present in our body known as the pituitary gland is often responsible for the production of testosterone. This gland is usually small and it is located right in the middle of the forehead. These glands receive signals from the hypothalamus which in turn signals the testes which then produces the amount of testosterone required by the body at that given point of time. 

In order to make this process work smoothly the supplement known as Andro 400 is used because low testosterone levels mean that the body is not in balance which proves to be a hindrance in this process. This supplement acts as a catalyst to kickstart the action. The main ingredient in this product has been dated back to centuries and it has a record of strong scientific data. So if you are overthinking with this product being a scam then wee, it is not.

The manufacturer claims a lot of things from boosting testosterone to increasing energy and going all the way to reducing belly fat and anything less than this will be an utter disappointment. However, whether it works or not is different for everybody. No two people can experience the same results with this product. 

This Andro 400 review will also relay information about what the researchers have to say about this topic. Researchers say that Tongkat Ali stimulates the already present hormones within the body to boost testosterone production. Studies show that when the hypothalamus in our body is stimulated in our body it sends signals to the pituitary glands to produce more testosterone. Testosterone is available in the body in two states, “bound” and “free”. Free testosterones are abundantly available for use and bound testosterone is not for use. This product makes these bound testosterone available for the body to use.

This supplement also keeps the testosterone required to produce estrogen in check so that there is more testosterone available for the body to use. Studies have shown that men who use this supplement have faced an increase in their testosterone levels over a period of two weeks. However, whether it increases sex drive or reduces belly fat is not yet known. Or rather there is no strong evidence to prove its worth in these cases. 

In 1998, there was a study at the State University of Iowa which included 20 men who used to work out as weight trainers. Ten of them were given this pill while the other 10 were given a fake pill made of rice flour. They were made to take this pill for 8 weeks and it showed that all of them have the same amount of muscle gain. 

However, for other claims about this product, there is not much difference so it may be that this product is only known to increase testosterone levels in people who are lacking it like aged men. Moreover, the main ingredient present in this plant is only tested on animals for its effectiveness. So its worth on humans is still unclear.


It is essential for any Andro 400 review to discuss the details of the product’s cost. The cost of Andro 400 on its official website is $34.95 for a supply of one month. However, if you purchase it in a bulk it will cost much less per bottle. It costs $27.99-$38.99 at the official website. The price range depends totally on the supplier and their shipping charges. 

On its official website, it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you do not see visible results within 90 days you can return the empty bottle or half-filled bottle and you will receive your refund within 2 business days.


Overall Tongkat Ali present in this product has been used traditionally in order to promote blood circulation and boost sexual libido. It has also found its use in several medicinal purposes as well. This traditional medicine is also consumed in alternate other forms. It is taken in its liquid form by people who want to feel aphrodisiac. 

This supplement according to Andro 400 review is gaining much popularity these days.  Before you are all set to invest in this product and gain some amazing benefits it is always recommended to do your research and also listen to what your body needs. This is a product that is backed by some science-related evidence which definitely confirms it is not a scam. 

However, it works differently for different persons. You should be well aware that it is not a magic pill and that you cannot expect results overnight. However, if you do not see any results or if you face any kind of complications it is best to visit a doctor for some expert advice.

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